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Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Funny--Baseball Quips

It's been fun as one by one our grandkids reach that significant birthday where Mom and Dad decide they are ready and responsible enough to have their own phone. It's a perk for Grandma and Grandpa too as we are usually among the first to get notified and the texting begins.

Our Florida grandson has had his phone for about a year and has joined the family text circle during the Ohio State football games. That usually involves Grandpa more than me. With me, he's into the Indians baseball season. Why he is a fan of teams not remotely close to Florida is beyond us but he is wholeheartedly involved.

Last weekend the Yankees were in Cleveland for three games. The first two were nailbiters but Cleveland managed to pull them out. The third game became the same kind of edge-of-the-seat game. The Yankees started out with five runs in the second inning but we came back with four runs in the sixth. It was kind of the way the first two games went with us catching up and then winning.

My phone buzzed. The text read, "We're back in the game!" I responded with "you bet!"

Then came the following text: This is the third time I have seen this movie (smiley face).

I responded with laughing emojis.

Buzzing phone: "I like how in this third movie makes you think New York actuly has a chance."

You can see my response in the picture. Well, the game progressed and went into extra innings. The phone buzzed: "This is like when the dark side rebuilt the death star. "

We lost. The phone buzzed: "Let's hope next time we play them it will be the Empire strikes out."

I'm still laughing.

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