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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Calling On Edinburgh, Scotland, The Food

Haggis, neeps and tatties
Scotland is one of the countries we have not yet visited so I'm eager to get a taste of it on the cruise we take next year. Edinburgh is the capital and I'm told a must see place. So here I go exploring the internet to get some ideas on what to see.

Let's start with food. While we'll be eating mainly on the cruise ship (Bob always hates to not eat a meal he's already paid for), I'd like to taste some of the foods unique to Scotland. Haggis was the first to come up on a list. The picture reminded me a bit of the rice sausage that was a Bohemian favorite with my grandfather. It's not anything like that though from the description. It's made of sheep's pluck (liver, lungs and heart) and minced with spices, salt, oatmeal, suet and onion and stuffed in, of course, intestine. Nowadays though the lining might be artificial.

Next up and often served with haggis is neeps and tatties. Neeps are turnips and tatties are potatoes. If you add butter and chives to the mix, you get clapshot. I'm not making this up.

The salmon in Scotland is said to be the best. It is prime breeding ground for the fish and I assume is very fresh.

Porridge is popular but is made with salt not sugar. Sounds like it could be a very lumpy texture as well. Pass.

A full Scottish breakfast is similar to a full English breakfast. Eggs, tomato, meats, English muffin, and usually haggis and/or black pudding ( a type of blood sausage). There will also be some tattie scones said to taste better with some butter lathered on them.

Now I'm sure if we're out and about we'll get a chance to try Scottish tablet. It's a confectionery made of crystallized sugar, condensed milk and butter. Some are said to have a wee bit of whiskey added.

Shortbread is one I can say I'm familiar with. Scottish shortbread is even sold in some places in the states. And then there's battered and deep fried Mars bars. Bet you thought only the US carnival and fairs did that.

Scotch pie looks a bit like the meat pies you get in Australia. Maybe Scotland sent some of its criminals over there as well. Just joking.

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