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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Smart Water Bottles?

Hydrating is important in so many ways. Dehydration leads to some nasty effects like dizziness, rapid heartbeat and breathing, fainting, etc. None of which is desired when traveling. Airplanes tend to have much less humidity than even your home in winter. So when you get off the plane after a long flight you might experience some effects like being tired, having a stuffy head, or more, if you haven't taken time to drink plenty of water.

It is suggested that you drink 8 ounces of water every hour on a long flight. That's not always easy to do if you are planning to sleep. One way to combat that is to drink water with electrolytes added. If you don't want to buy smartwater or Propel or another brand that adds electrolytes you might want to take an empty water travel bottle with you and a ziplock bag of sliced lemons. Once through security, you can fill your bottle and add a few lemon slices which are a natural electrolyte.

And then there's the smart water bottle. A smart water bottle will glow when it's time to drink more. Some of them even connect to your smart devices. You can take it through security empty, fill it before boarding and refill while in flight by asking your flight attendant for water. I only hope the smart water bottle isn't as smart as our TV which seems too smart for its own good sometimes.

Be smart. Drink more water, not alcohol. Avoid the salty foods and land with a better feeling of well-being.

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