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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Day Two Traveling Home Despite COVID-19

The Hampton Inn did not have a breakfast buffet but they did offer a carry out bag. Since there was no coffee, we opted to go to the McDonald's we knew was just up the road on our way. We used the mobile app again and were pleased that they carried it out to our car (with gloved hands).

Once we caught up on the morning news and reached the highway, we plugged in our audio book and were off again.

Rest stops were made at places like Love's and Pilot's where we were certain to get inside. Usually they had an attached fast food place either in a drive through or carry out. Our lunch stop was interesting at an Wendy's attached to a gas station. They had squares marked off and numbered that were six feet apart and numbered so you moved up as people left being sure to keep only 10 people in the place at a time.

A good book. A mostly sunny day. It was a pleasant drive with only the reminder of the crisis we were in when we made stops.

Around 3:30 we pulled into our Hampton Inn in Dobson, NC. This night was going to be a little more of a challenge since we didn't have a suite and all the tables and chairs in the lobby area had been removed. We were able to order from our favorite restaurant, The Harvest Grill, and they delivered to the hotel.

We pulled the desk over to the end of the bed and ate there. It was comfy. Dinner was good but way too much to eat. We took our leftovers out to a trash can outside so it wouldn't smell in the room. Since there was not brewed coffee in the hotel, we opted to drive to the McDonald's in town for our decaf nightcap.

On the way back, Bob stopped at the DQ for a sundae. I went into the little convenient store next to it to get something to go with my coffee and commiserated with the lady who seemed a little nervous about having to work with people coming and going. She complained about a lady who had been in and was coughing all over the place.

After Bob filled up on gas again, we spent a comfortable night and we on our way early the next morning--seeking a McDonald's for breakfast and that all important coffee again.

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