"" Writer's Wanderings: July 6, 1992--The Big Rock!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

July 6, 1992--The Big Rock!

Ayers Rock (Uluru)
 [This was our first visit to Ayers Rock. We returned years later and had booked a sunset dinner. It was a rare occasion but we were "honored" as the tour guide explained when they canceled the dinner. We were among the few tourist ever to see the Rock in pouring rain. It was fascinating to see the waterfalls, etc. but I was really disappointed to miss our dinner. We did get a damp sunrise breakfast though.]

From my Australian journal:

Monday, July 6, 1992

The Olgas
              As the plane passes over the Australian countryside, we see the landscape becoming less green and more red. We are nearing the center of the country—Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.
              We begin our first tour quickly. The large sight seeing bus takes us out to the Olgas. They are a large cluster of huge rocks rising from the middle of the desert. All the earth tones you can imagine are before us—oranges, olives, buffs, browns, ochres. The land is flat. Red sand and greenish scrub surround the Olgas and Ayers Rock.
              We stop to watch the sunset against Ayers Rock. On a good night, the sunset causes the Rock to change colors. Tonight proves to be a bit too cloudy.

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