"" Writer's Wanderings: July 3, 1992--On To Adelaide

Friday, May 22, 2020

July 3, 1992--On To Adelaide

[Bob has gotten quite adept at driving on the left side of the road since '92. We've been to several other countries where he has been challenged.]

Friday, July 3, 1992

              A quiet and gentle rain falls as we leave the Colonial Club to begin our trip by air to Adelaide in South Australia. As we land in Sydney to change planes, we can see the opera house that has become so famous. I wonder if we have made a mistake not including the large cities in our tour.
              At the airport in Adelaide, we rent a car—steering wheel on the right. We ad a new phrase to our conversation, “Turn right, remembering to keep left.” Bob does fine and we make it to the hotel in one piece.
              We explore a portion of Adelaide, a smaller city than Sydney (pop. 900,000) but one of the largest Rob has seen since leaving home. We eat at Hungry Jack’s (Burger King). Rob tells us something about BK not being able to use the word King in their name here.
              On the return to our hotel, we pass the old train station which has been renovated and made into a casino. We try to enter to look around but this is not like Vegas. We are not dressed well enough to be allowed in. We have jeans on.

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