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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Put In Bay--COVID or Not

The reservation had already been made before the lead story on the evening news was that there was a cluster of COVID cases at the island. It was only 16 cases and they were said to stem from gatherings in some of the bars and a pool with a swim up bar. Since we had no intention of going to any bars, we continued with our plans. After a Sunday morning wedding, we found ourselves aboard the Miller Ferry in the afternoon. 

Being Sunday, most of the traffic was coming off the island rather than going to the island. We took our car this time since it is really a little cheaper than renting a golf cart although the cart is a lot more fun. Before checking into the Arbor Inn, our favorite bed and breakfast on the island, we stopped in to visit my brother and his wife. We had hoped to see them in August at a wedding but unfortunately the wedding is now postponed to next year. We had a great visit sitting on their deck and enjoying conversation and fresh breezes off the lake.

The state park beach used to be best for 
skipping stones.
Our check in at the B&B was contactless. A registration paper was set on the table for us along with the key for our room. We filled out a check and left it with the completed registration and went up to our room to change into more comfortable clothes. 

Back out and into the car, we took a bit of a tour around the town and out to the South Bass State Park where Bob is hoping to set up his portable station for the Ohio State Parks On The Air day in September. Last year he and his brother worked from Oak Point State Park, a little patch of green near the fish hatchery. There was so much goose dung that they had to borrow a rake and clear a spot. They are hoping the large park will work out better. There certainly were fewer geese.

Stopping by the Perry's Victory & International Peace Monument, we found we were in time for the last rifle demonstration of the day. We missed the preamble about the history behind the uniforms and rifles but were able to watch them load and fire. Must have been terrifying with troops advancing on you considering the time it took to reload.

Dinner was at the Goat where I got my annual fish tacos. They were a little crazy with a reduced staff due to COVID but we observed them being very diligent with their cleaning and hand sanitizing. (Testing was done over the weekend and the spread was found to be not nearly as bad as they anticipated.) 

Bob enjoyed an ice cream cone from the Chocolate Cafe and then we got coffee and water and found a picnic table in DeRivera Park downtown to enjoy the evening and reminisce about our first date--a trip to Gibraltar Island in the bay for an open house at the Ohio State University's Stone Laboratory. That was fifty-five years ago. 

Oh and while we were at the monument, we took a moment to sit under our favorite tree from that summer. Bob pointed out that there was a camera on the tree now. Hmmm.

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