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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

What To Write About When All Trips Are Cancelled?

 So okay, this is supposed to be a travel themed blog. I've often stretched the point to include life's journey and other related travel ideas. I'm running out of inspiration. The Cleveland Metro Zoo has been the biggest travel adventure the last month and I didn't know if anyone would really be interested in more pictures of zoo animals. Let me tell you though, traipsing through the zoo in the middle of summer with a mask on is quite a physical challenge for this "elderly and vulnerable" person. 

This COVID thing had better end soon. I have finished up most of my unfinished projects, managed to start and finish a few more and I'm running out of closets to clean. Bob is worried I might start on his "man radio cave." I've read a 32 book series of historical mysteries and then some. I don't think I've ever read this many books by this time of year even when we did our World Cruise. I wish I could say I've been productive writing my own but for some reason I've found it difficult to concentrate enough and find the thread I need to finish my work-in-progress.

It has been interesting though to see how some of the cruise lines have tried to keep their clientele interested. Many of them have come up with virtual cruises and enlisted their signature chefs in videos of creating their signature dishes. On the other hand, there are a lot of groups/forums complaining about getting their refunds from cancelled trips. Who knows when or how the cruise lines will be able to start up again. There is a lot of speculation on what kind of changes may be coming to try to prevent any virus scourges. 

Well, if you're still with me here, I'm going to resort to reposting some of my favorite trips. For me, it will be fun to look back again. I hope my readers will enjoy the look back as well. Tomorrow: some of my favorite posts from Japan.

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