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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Stop At Mentor Headlands

Our outing to the James A Garfield home in Mentor was followed by a stop at the Mentor Headlands. We had never been there and found it very interesting. It was a hot day and there were plenty of people on the beach. The lake looked beautiful and I'm sure many enjoying the cool water. 

The Headlands is actually a state park and under the care of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is a 35 acre beach on Lake Erie. The combination of lake, wind, and sand has created a rare lakeshore sand dune habitat for an interesting variety of flora and fauna.

It is a premier birding location and apparently there is a nesting bald eagle near there although we didn't look for it. There is also a resident red fox and in the fall, the Headlands is said to be a great place to see migrating monarch butterflies. 

There is a Nature Preserve next to the State Park. The sand dunes provide the perfect environment for switchgrass and beachgrass. There are marked trails through it.

Off in the distance is a scenic Fairport Harbor Lighthouse. There is a museum there as well and another place to add to our local places to visit. 

We needed to make our visit short to the headlands since we wanted to try out a recommended restaurant, Brennan's Fish House. When we got there we were disappointed to realize that it didn't sit at the edge of the Grand River with a view but since it was highly recommended, we still chose that over the restaurant across the street that sat on the water's edge. 

Inside was very nautical and very busy with customers confirming the recommendation that the food was good. Lightly breaded perch was our choice and we enjoyed every bite, 

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