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Monday, August 30, 2021

In My Backyard--The Cleveland Indians

It's tough to keep a travel blog going when you aren't traveling. There are a few things we've tried to do this summer but we've stayed close to home. We have a granddaughter who plays a mean softball game. There have been a few day trips to see her play. We smile at her speed around the bases and her great fielding skills. It's paid off with scholarship money promised when she starts college next year.

Our Florida grandson who is about to be sixteen spent his COVID year learning to pitch. He watched YouTube videos of several Cy Young pitchers (Bieber being his favorite) and learned their workout routines, what they did to strengthen the pitching arm and stamina, etc. He studied the various pitches to see what worked for him. By the time he joined a team the coaches were pretty impressed. 

When the opportunity arose for the family to come for a visit, my son asked if we could get tickets for an Indians game. Our grandson has the MLB app so that he can watch the games in Florida and he was so excited about seeing a game at Progressive that I think he could have flown here without the plane. 

The week that they were here was expected to be really hot with the possibility of afternoon storms so we bought tickets up high enough that we could be under the overhang out of the sun or rain for the afternoon game and still be behind home plate for a good view.

It was a special handout day and as we entered the ballpark, we all received a very nice ball cap and a bonus--a great pair of sunglasses. Did I mention this kid has three sisters that put up with his claiming the TV at game time so he can cast the game to the television? Not sure they were impressed with the freebies but they donned their caps. We perused the many food venues and all came back to our seats with something for lunch. I opted for the classic ballpark  hot dog with mustard.

My son and my grandson walked around the ballpark to take it all in. It was fun for him to get the real perspective of what he watched on television. They talked a few minutes with an usher and told him that they'd come all the way from Florida to see the game. The usher told them to see another usher and get a pass to stand in the bullpen loge for an inning. Nothing like ratcheting up the excitement. They spent the first inning there.

I was surprised when the girls got excited to see Andre Knott on the sideline as the game started, I guess they did watch the games a bit with their brother. 

When his youngest sister who is seven looked a little bored, her grandfather took her to the Kids Clubhouse where she got to play a few games and pose for some goofy pictures and pick up a couple more souvenirs.

It was an historic game. Not because we won. We lost 17-0. Disappointing in the score but when there were so many empty seats, the three guys in our group spent a half inning sitting front row behind home plate and close up to the batters. Thrilling for our grandson.

We didn't get down to Heritage Park which is out just left of center field. It was so hot that it would have been a short visit since it sits down out of any chance of a breeze and gets a lot of sun,. We'll save that section for another game when hopefully, it will be a cooler day. You see, the only thing he wants for his birthday is a return trip and a chance to see a winning game. Can't promise the winning game but with the good prices on air fare, his parents have bought him a ticket and we get to enjoy another game or two with him before the Indians become the Guardians. Go Tribe!!

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