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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Perjury Among The Pickleballs Is Here!


Pickleball? Casey has doubts about learning a new sport with such a strange name but Max Dugan, her friend and now fellow private investigator, thinks she is up to the challenge. Actually the Pickleball is all part of a new investigation centered around a murder that has taken place at the new RU1or2 Pickleball facility.

Teddy Richfield was found murdered in the office of RU1or2. It appears a possible murder/robbery but money was not taken from the open safe. What could possibly be the motive? And who was the killer?

Stan Zurkowski's eyewitness account places RIchfield's partner in the business, Adam Hatcher, at the scene the time of the murder. He also testifies at Hatcher's trial that he heard them arguing. Hatcher claims he was home but can't find a way to prove it. What would cause Zurkowski, the Pickleball instructor, to perjure himself? Could it be his interest in Melanie Hatcher, Adam's wife? Is there a romantic connection between the two?

As Casey juggles her time between being household manager for the Drs. Connely and her investigative job for Max, she finds all sorts of connections between the people she meets and the new sport of Pickleball she learns to like. But will all of these connections lead her and Max to the truth?

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