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Friday, October 07, 2022

Boston, No Beans About It

 What a cruise is all I can say! I would have posted daily as I usually do when we take a trip but the WIFI was iffy at best most of the time. Was it because of Fiona? And then Ian? Hard to tell. We chased Fiona north and met Ian as we headed back to Boston. This was a twelve night cruise that was to go from Boston to Quebec City and back to Boston with port stops in Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. But before I get ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.

Bob had originally booked a flight to Boston the day the ship was to sail. As it got closer, I got nervous. Too many people were experiencing cancellations and delays that were ruining their travel plans. He was finally convinced to change our flight to a day before we sailed and book a room for the night. The good news, we saved $19 on the flight change. The bad news, we couldn’t find a hotel room near the ship for less than $450. The good news, we had plenty of Hilton points to make that palatable.

The trip started out without a hitch. We had a private “uber” to the airport thanks to a couple of friends. The flight was on time and pleasant and after landing in Boston, we took an Uber to the Hampton Inn that was actually in walking distance to the ship. The weather was a bit chilly and cloudy but we walked around the harbor area and mapped our path to the ship for the following morning.

One long pier had nothing but fish companies that were receiving catches and shipping them out. We walked the length of it and enjoyed the scenic surroundings.

While we’d had a good snack before leaving Cleveland, we needed a warm cup of coffee and a little snack to see us through to dinner. We found a restaurant along the shoreline and ducked in. We ordered a brownie to share and couldn’t believe our eyes when it came.

 The brownie had to be six inches square topped with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and an even bigger mound of whipped cream. It was sprinkled with glazed walnuts and drizzled with chocolate—heaven! So glad we didn’t order two.

On our walk we passed a place called Yankee Lobster. Nothing fancy but they offered lobster rolls. When in Maine… 

We returned to our room, rested a bit and then trekked the short distance to the restaurant. After our huge afternoon snack, we weren’t real hungry and the price of the lobster roll was somewhere around $38 (market price) so we decided to split one and Bob got a clam chowder as well. I wish we’d have ordered an extra fries because they were delicious as well.

It was getting colder and windier.

Fiona was about to hit Nova Scotia and we began to wonder what itinerary changes we would find once we boarded the ship in the morning. We were familiar with itinerary changes as you know if you followed the story of our shortened World Cruise in January. 
Who would expect a hurricane to hit so ferociously this far north?

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