"" Writer's Wanderings: Autumn

Monday, October 18, 2004


There are two times a year that I cannot drink in enough of the scenery in our part of the country. Spring is one. There is a point in the emerging foliage on the trees when the dark branches appear delicately daubed a light yellowed green mixed with the tiniest flecks of burgundy color. The colors begin to swell and finally burst into leafy green with bountiful spring blooms interspersed throughout the landscape.

Autumn is the other one. This weekend the fall colors hit the height of the season. Golden yellows, pumpkin oranges, raspberry reds and every shade inbetween was bathed with beautiful sunlight that brightened God's glorious painting. Here and there a dark evergreen pine would contrast with the brilliant colors making them even more striking.

Today the rain is washing away the color. The leaves will grow heavy and the wind will blow them down. Another autumn will fade into winter. But I will remember the spectacle of color, and while the snow flies, I will look forward to the rebirth of spring. And I will try to find the beauty in the purity and softness of the new fallen snow while I wait.

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