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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Surprise Garden

Last week friends called and said they were dividing the daylilies I had given them originally three or four years ago. We have since moved to a new home and they wondered if I wanted some of the plants they had. Remembering the large empty spot I haven't planted yet in our new yard, I eagerly said yes.
When Eldon put them in my trunk he pointed to each bag and tried to remember what color the plant was. He needn't have bothered. By the time I took them out of the trunk, I had forgotten. Call it senioritis, dementia, or just lack of recall, it happens more and more and especially when I have a busy week.
I took the plants to the spot in front of the house bordered by rhododendrons and began planting. Instead of worrying about what colors were going where, I planted them where I dropped them and decided I would just be surprised when they bloom this coming spring/summer. The surprise will be multiplied by how many blooms the deer leave behind for me to enjoy. It's one of their favorite meals.
So, instead of a secret garden, I have a surprise garden--something to look forward to over the snowy months to come.

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