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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stop the Political Ads! I Want to Vote.

Are they getting to you yet? If you live in one of the critical states (and I do), you've been innundated with point/counterpoint political ads since before the conventions. And what have we learned? That one party can sling mud just as well as the other party. Can we vote and get it over with?

Now we have "fact checkers" on the networks since the CBS incident over Bush's military record. Too bad the news media doesn't check facts all the time instead of just during elections. The media seems to slant the news to their particular way of thinking. We have one local channel that has been labeled the "tabloid news channel". They're not afraid to add a line of commentary on the end and, unfortunately, not mention that it is commentary.

But, I digress.

What I would really like to hear is not how much better my world will be if you are elected but how you think you're going to get it done. A vision is just a dream if you have no plan of action to deliver. I'd like to see campaign promises turned into campaign plans of action. I may know my destination but without a good road map, I'd have a hard time getting there.

Draw me a map.

My name is Karen Robbins and I approve this message.

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