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Thursday, April 07, 2005

E.L. Doctorow

Last night I had the privilege of hearing E. L. Doctorow read from one of his latest works thanks to the generosity of a friend who is also a manager for our county library. His words are like eating rich choloclate cake for dessert. You want to savor each one and let them play in the imagination.

After answering a few questions. he ended his time with us by giving us his feelings about the use of the library. It went something like this:

A drivers license gives you the opportunity to explore your state and the surrounding area.
A passport gives you the opportunity to explore the world.
A library card gives you the opportunity to explore the universe.

While it seemed clever but not terribly deep at the time, after contemplating his statement, I came to realize that what he was emphasizing was the importance of words--the importance of books and their influence on the minds that read them. What a sense of responsibilty that should give writers when putting pen to paper.

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