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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Pit of the Stomach

It sits on the counter in the kitchen. All it needs is postage and it will be on its way to an agent. It's lurking there just waiting for me to pick it up and lug it to the post office. It's dangerous. It contains hopes and dreams that could be dashed in the SASE that's enclosed. Am I ready to steel myself for that?

The old fears return to squelch the enthusiasm, the excitement, the exhileration of the new found story I have created. Is it good enough? No. Never. There is always more to do. I could reread and rewrite a hundred times and still find something I'm not satisfied with.

What is it I fear? I've been rejected before. Somehow this is different. I've grown more fond of this character who has brought me joy each day, caused me to laugh, and caused me to cry. I fear I might not have done her justice.

In the pit of my stomach I feel that gnawing that clutches my inner being and gives a yank each time I go to pick up the 9 X 12 brown envelope that is all addressed and ready to go. All it needs is postage. I'll try again.

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