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Friday, April 08, 2005

New Life

While I know I do a lot of complaining about winter--the snow, the cold, the gray skies--I realize that without winter to compare it with, spring would not be as significant as it is. This morning the sun is shining and the few warm days we've had have brought out the daffodils. The buds on the trees are ready to burst open with the new life within them. What a change it is from winter where everything looks dead.

We have friends who moved to Ohio from California. They were both born and raised in California. The first early spring in their new home was disappointing because, as she walked through the yard, Janette thought the bushes were dead. She was going to call the landscaper to have all the azaleas pulled out and the dogwood tree cut down. It took some time to convince her that they were just dormant and would blossom into glorious color in a few weeks. (I don't think she trusted us at first because we told her husband he had to oil his snow shovel before he used it.) In a few weeks they had a hedge of color in their back yard and a dogwood tree full of pure white blossoms.

Spring always reminds me of the new life we find in Christ. Someone can appear to be as dead in sin as one of those bushes but when Christ enters their life, His promise bursts forth into glorious bloom.

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