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Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowed In

We were the recipients of about twelve inches of snow this weekend. It's a phenomenon that gets old for some of of us who have to live with it every winter--trudge through it, shovel it, and watch it turn gray and dirty before it melts.

For the folks down South though, it's a real treat. And around Christmas time it's a bit nostalgic. Everyone wants a white Christmas even amidst the palm trees. This year just before our holiday cruise, we attended the breakfast with Santa that is an annual event in Homestead, Florida.

Each year, they turn out hundreds of pancakes and sausage for those who come. Then the kids get to see Santa as well as participate in face painting and crafts.

The biggest treat, however, is the big piles of "snow" that the city provides for the kids to play on. Huge blocks of ice are fed through a big chipper and the result is more like a giant sno-cone. Attendants get out and rake it a little here and there to keep it from packing down too much while the kids play on it. The squeals and smiles are well worth the organizers' efforts.

Ah, if only I could ship them some of this!

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