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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The "Safe on a Plane" Movie

The last time our three year old grandson came to visit from Florida, he was all excited about his plane ride and told us he got to watch a movie.

"Oh," I said, "was it Mickey Mouse or Over the Hedge?"

"No." He shook his head and then beamed his beautiful smile at me. "It was 'Safe on a Plane' movie."

I looked to his mom for help. She explained that he was quite taken with the safety video that was played before takeoff--the one most of us just brush off if we've ever traveled before. A few weeks later when we flew to Florida for our cruise, we stopped off to see our grandkids for a bit. He was excited to see us and when he realized that we had flown, his first question was, "Did you watch the movie?"

My daughter-in-law found the YouTube version online so here it is for all of you avid airplane safety video viewers. It's actually quite pleasant to watch. And CAN YOU FIND THE "HIDDEN MICKEY?" Pause it at 47 seconds and you'll see it.

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