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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Your Backyard--Halls of Fame

A few years ago, we went out west for a wedding and had some time to kill before the evening ceremony. I think it was on a AAA Triptik or in one of their books that we noticed a Fireman's Hall of Fame and Museum. I don't remember if it was just a local thing or a national place of recognition, but it was an interesting stop where we viewed old fire engines and equipment.

Living in the backyard of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame I guess puts us in the front yard of the National Football Hall of Fame and the Inventors Hall of Fame. Thanks to my son's curiosity, I've been to the Rock N Roll Hall but I've never visited the other two. I guess I need to follow my own "Backyard" advice and check them out.

There are halls of fame stretched from one end of this county to the other. Another that we visited out west was the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahohma City, OK. A great place for those of us who were raised on cowboy movies and the likes of Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Gene Autry and The Lone Ranger. (Roy Rogers, by the way, was a Buckeye--born in Ohio!)

At the Hall of Fame Network site there is an extensive list of places that honor not only the common sports areas but things like bookstores, barbed wire, scrapbooking, toys, quilts, and a host of other surprising interests including a lawyer's hall of fame--or was that infamy?

If there's a group of people with a hobby, occupation, or interest, you can bet there's a hall of fame somewhere near you.

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