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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mrs. Noah's Cruise

As we look forward to our next cruise aboard the Celebrity Solstice, I can't help but think of Noah's wife and her cruise. Mrs. Noah was probably very excited when she heard her husband talking about a cruise—a forty day cruise no less! I can see her sitting at her kitchen table, sipping coffee and turning pages of the latest cruise brochure. Dreaming of exotic ports of call, warm sandy beaches, chilled fruit smoothies. . . And then Noah handed her a hammer.

I won't have to help build this ship and hopefully it won't rain for seven days. While Mrs. Noah had to put up with some real animals on her cruise, I find that, for the most part, cruisers are very nice people who only exhibit animalistic habits when looking for their next meal. The only animals to be seen are the ones made out of towels and placed on my bed. And I won't have to clean up a thing. My cabin steward will make my bed. The dining staff will sweep away my dirty dishes and fresh towels (not in the form of an animal) will appear in my bathroom.

Who could ask for anything more?

But wait! Each night I will be entertained in a theater and have the option to listen to several different music venues, watch American Idol wannabes in the Karaoke sessions, and/or take in a movie. If I were a real shopper, I could even do some late night shopping for bargains in the ship's "mall."

If this sounds like a commercial for cruising, it's not. I'm just counting my lucky stars that I'm sailing on a cruise ship and not an ark.

Stay tuned. I'll post some pictures and commentary from the cruise.

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