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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In My Backyard--Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival

Part II -- The Festival

The Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival on Father's Day weekend was like a mini-fair with amusement rides, games, community businesses and organizations participating with booths, and of course lots of things to do with duct tape. The rainy weather broke its hold just before the parade was to start and by the time it was done, the sun began to warm the air. It was a wonderful day for a festival.

Walking through the grounds, there were many displays of art work and sculpture all made of course with duct tape. Everyone who passed by one of the booths got a roll of duct tape and a small Duct Tape Book by the Duct Tape Guys, Jim and Tim.

Another duct tape booth sold T-shirts and hats and all sorts of kits to use with duct tape and rolls of colorful duct tape (I heard it comes in 20 colors). Next to the sales booth was a tent set up for kids to craft in--with duct tape naturally. Crafters could make wallets, purses, roses, bracelets, and a myriad of other things limited only by your creativity. There is a Duck Tape Club online where you can get the instructions for many of the crafts if you are so inclined.

Creativity abounded in the display booth for this year's contests in the Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest. Prom goers create their very own fashions, both male and female, for the prom from duct tape. Duct tape aficionados (anyone) can go to the website and vote for their favorite designing couple. The winners each get a $3000 scholarship. The booth featured some fashions from the past. Incredible.

As we strolled the grounds, smells of popcorn, candy apples, grilled chicken and sausage, and donuts all combined to give that familiar fragrance of summer fairs (minus the animal smells). It was a great kick-off to summer!

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