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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Write to Publish Conference

This week I am at the Write To Publish conference in Wheaton, IL, on the beautiful campus of Wheaton College. It is one of my favorite conferences and the one I have attended most often. The long drive (7 hours) from home is a trek but I get to "read" as I plug in an audio book. This trip I'm listening to John Grisham's The Associate.

Getting together with other writers is so very comforting. They are the people who know what it feels like to struggle in this chosen path and understand the roller coaster ride that it can be. When they say, "I know what you mean," they really do know.

This morning began with Jane Rubietta reminding us that we are "word carriers." I loved the way she compared it to the ark of the covenant that carried the words of God. Then I joined the Non-fiction track with Doc (Dennis) Hensley. I've been in other workshops of his and they are always enlightening and beneficial. In the afternoon, I sat in on Diana Flegal's workshop about agents.

We finished the day with evening worship time led by Marty Nystrom a songwriter whose written some very popular choruses many of us have sung in our own churches. Then Mary DeMuth gave an inspiring talk about her struggle to become a writer and how we need to partner with our Lord in our writing.

Tomorrow I give my first "elevator pitch" of the conference for the book I've been working on. Wish me luck--make that say a prayer. It's all in His hands.

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