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Friday, June 26, 2009

Writing a Bestseller After Age 50

The May issue of AARP Bulletin had a page listing authors who wrote bestsellers after the age of 50. The writer, Bill Hogan, lists James Michner, Leon Uris, Elia Kazan, Robert Ludlum, Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye among a few others I didn't recognize. What a boost to an author's crusade to be published after age 50.

Actually, I wonder if there isn't a little extra value to the more mature author's book. Life's lessons learned, adventures had, wisdom gained.

I always love remembering my aunt's words, "Honey, I may be 80 on the outside but I'm 18 on the inside." Perhaps that's the best combination for an author--seasoned on the outside but full of life to be lived on the inside.

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