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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Books for the Road -- Fearless, by Max Lucado

"Feed your fears and your faith will starve. Feed your faith and your fears will."

Terrorism. Global warming. H1N1 virus pandemic. Recession. Natural disaster. What do you fear most? In his new book, Fearless, Imagine Your Life Without Fear, Max Lucado walks his readers through some of the most common experiences that cause hearts to palpitate and blood pressure to rise. And then he reminds that God did not create us to fear. Easy for him to say, right? No. He readily admits those shortcomings that have challenged him to overcome his fears.

As I read, I saw myself much too often in the simple ways I let fear into my life. Lucado's chapters cover everything from fear of being insignificant to fear for our children to fear of doubting God's existence and global calamity. In his easy-going way, he describes everyday scenes and then begins to weave in the message found in scripture that applies. It is very much like the way Jesus told stories, parables, to help those he taught to understand scriptural principles and promises. His transitions are seamless as he moves from everyday problems to scriptural applications.

This is a book to be read slowly rather than devoured, savoring each new thought, and tasting the hope that seasons it. A discussion/study guide is offered at the end. Each lesson is divided into three sections, Examining Fear (identifying fears), Exposing Fear (scriptural teaching), and Battling Fear (application).

Whether read in a group or for individual devotional purposes, Fearless, Imagine Your Life Without Fear, will have you looking at life with a lot less anxiety and more courage.

"Courage does not panic; it prays. Courage does not bemoan; it believes. Courage does not languish; it listens. . .to the voice of God calling through Scripture, 'Fear not!'"

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