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Monday, September 07, 2009

The Trip of a Lifetime -- China

As we worked down our bucket list of places to see, China popped up on Bob's side of the list. It was definitely not on mine. To me, the mention of China conjured up images of crowded streets, people bumping into each other and off of each other like bumper cars, and lots of unrecognizable foodstuffs along with the anticipation of toilet facilities much less comfortable than what my Western cultured behind is used to. It did not disappoint.

Our trip was in October of 2007 but I did not post a whole lot on my blog about the trip for some reason. Perhaps it was because we were so busy putting together our book, A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts. I'd like to revisit some of my journal entries this next week or two. If you'd like a preview, you might want to visit some of my past posts:

Anticipation of the trip: Survivor China
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My most favorite God Moment: Amazing Grace

There was lots more we saw and ate and did and were inspired by. It'll be fun to revisit my journal. Actually, the trip was truly one of a lifetime and maybe, just maybe, I would rethink my reluctance to visit again.
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