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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fengdu -- The Ghost City

The city of Fengdu has been relocated to the top of the hills along the riverbank. The original town is now under water. Our guide mentions that the new apartments are about 120 square meters. I try to imagine the size. It’s not very big.

The Ghost City which will eventually become an island is high on a hill and is where the Chinese believe everyone goes when they die. If they are good, they will be reincarnated. If not, they will spend the rest of eternity in hell. [My God moment comes as I realize He has created a desire in all of us to seek life after death.] Passports” are available for purchase. People buy them and burn them at the altar to release souls from hell.

There are a lot of Buddhas and statues representing the original followers (disciples) of Buddha. The afternoon is filled with many tales and superstition—which bridge to cross and how to do so properly in order to return in the next life as a man or woman, rich or poor, etc. Many of the statues are like “saints” to be prayed to for a better afterlife.

Today it is rainy and foggy the whole time we are here but apparently the sun shines bright enough in the summer to send the temperatures soaring to 40° C (100° + F). That explains all the tropical vegetation we see.

Like any good tourist area, the walkway is lined with shops. We pass through them un-tempted on the way back to our bus. As we return to the riverboat, we are assailed by vendors and the first beggars we have seen so far. One is obviously mentally impaired another has missing limbs. It is very sad as it is anywhere we see this in the world.

Dinner has a few good offerings but we don’t recognize the lamb carried in on our way off the boat this morning. We had passed a man carrying two “dressed” sheep, one on each end of a wooden pole balanced on his shoulder and assumed it was our dinner arriving. One of the dishes resembles chicken cordon bleu but it is made with cheddar cheese (unusual because the Chinese don’t like cheese). There is a good sweet/sour chicken and wonton soup along with sweet wheat bread and a great cream puff.

Bob attended the fashion show in the lounge which, he reports, was very interesting. There were period costumes and some history given. I’m sorry I missed it but I’m just too tired.

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