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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Worship Thought

Western Australia, the Perth area, is very dry right now coming out of the summer season and entering fall. Saturday was the first possibility of rain in months according to one fellow at a tourist information center. While the populated areas of the city and outlying communities look green, the areas where there is no irrigation for vegetation are quite brown. We found this to be the case in much of Whiteman Park as we drove through it.

With only wispy clouds in the sky, there was certainly no promise of rain. But suddenly I noticed one small cloud—puffy and thick, not large enough to contain rain but perhaps a predictor of things to come. And then I remembered the story our pastor related a few weeks back.

On a Sunday morning, he spoke of Elisha praying for rain for the drought that gripped the area. As he prayed, he sent someone out to check the horizon and sure enough the report came back that there was a cloud “the size of a man’s hand” appearing. Eventually the drought ended as the clouds poured refreshing rain.

I lifted my hand. The little cloud in the sky above looked to be the size of my hand. So okay, mine’s a little smaller than a man’s but the idea is the same. Clouds grow in size as they bring relief in the form of rain to a parched earth. So do the promises of God as they bring relief to a parched soul. What may seem insignificant, God can make refreshing and nourishing to those who pray for “a cloud the size of a man’s hand” –or a woman’s.

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