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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sydney--The Bridge Climb

Spanning the Sydney harbor, is the magnificent Sydney Harbor Bridge, the only bridge we have been to that you can legally climb. Of course my husband, Bob, wanted to accept the challenge on our last visit. I volunteered to take the pictures.

The climb was not hard and probably easier than my climb up to the Pylon Lookout where I was able to catch a few pictures of Bob on his walk. Since our visit, they have made a few changes. There are three different walks offered. The first, the Express Climb, is the quickest and takes about 2 1/2 hours from preparation to end of walk. The Discovery Climb takes a little over 3 hours and gets you up close and personal with the rivets and raw steel of the bridge. The Bridge Climb takes 3 1/2 hours and you get to walk along the outer arch of the bridge. This last climb is called the ultimate experience. Of course on all of them you receive a certificate and a souvenir picture.

Be aware that you will not be allowed to take anything with you on the climb. They don't want you dropping anything on the traffic below. If you wear glasses a strap will be provided to keep them securely in position. Check the outfiting page on their website for your stylish bridge climbing wardrobe.

Along the way there are handrails and you are tethered to a safety line as well. There are 465 steps, widely spaced, and a ladder or two so you must be in relatively good physical. They claim that many acrophobics have been able to overcome their fear of heights on this climb.

The view is said to be spectacular no matter what time of day you climb.

Let's see--465 easy steps on the bridge. I climbed 200 hard steps in the pylon. Maybe I need to go bridge climbing this trip!

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