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Monday, March 01, 2010

Packing An Attitude

Back in the late 50s there was a western on TV with a character named Pallidin who carried a business card that said, “Have gun. Will travel.” In today’s society, packing heat is going to get you stopped as you go through security at the airport. Something else that may get you stopped is packing an attitude.

While sitting at the gate waiting for a flight, we watched as a man came running up obviously trying to make a connecting flight that had just boarded and closed the door to the gangway. The plane was still at the gate and the would-be passenger got angrier and angrier as the attendant at the desk explained the rules and regulations and why he could not board. He exploded in colorful language and when the attendant threatened to call security, he left--presumably to yell at someone at the ticket counter.

ATTITUDE is key to enjoying travel. Chances are with a better attitude, the passenger might have been put on the next flight in first class. But who wants to go the extra mile with someone who is out of control? And in this day and age of heightened security, airlines are not going to risk an out-of-control passenger.

Abraham Lincoln said, "I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow."

Several times we have walked into a crowded hotel lobby, busy with people arriving and leaving, to check in with a harried hotel clerk and were told our room was not ready. Instead of exploding with inappropriate vocabulary, we’ve sympathized with how busy she is, said we understood, and asked to check our luggage and be notified on our cell phone when the room was ready. Then we've gone off for a snack or a bit of sight-seeing. That attitude has gotten us an upgrade more than once—the last time an ocean view without the extra charge.

ATTITUDE. We all have a choice in how we want to behave. How we want to treat others. How we want to look at life in general.

When you travel expect that there will be delays. Expect that the weather may not always cooperate. Expect that there will be some people who are difficult. Expect the unexpected. When you do, two things will happen: You won’t be disappointed. And you will be pleasantly surprised when things work out better than you ever expected.

Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold. (Maurice Setter)

The kind of attitude you pack is important whether it’s for travel around the world or just traveling through life. Be sure to pack a good one.

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