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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Worship Thoughts - Weeds

These last couple of weeks, I have been trying to whip my yard into shape. Maybe a whip would be a good gardening tool? Our wonderful spring was also a great time for the weeds to get a good start. Tons of little seeds fell from some tree or bush and with all the sunshine and rain, they sprouted quickly before I was able to do a weed prevention application.

They pull out of the ground easily enough but when they sprout in between the ground cover and bushes, they are hard to see. I examine the area carefully to see if I've pulled them all but it never fails that a couple of them escape notice and then grow into mini-trees in the middle of an evergreen or azalea bush.

When we landscaped our yard about 9 years ago, I was ambitious and loving the fact that there would be lots of sunshiny areas to grow things. I didn't think ahead to getting older, slower, and less mobile not to mention life getting busier. Tired, hot, and weary, I looked at some areas of the yard and wondered if anyone would actually see the weeds if I just let them grow. It was tempting but I knew eventually, they would make themselves known, choking out the good things in the flowerbeds.

Okay, here is the spiritual application that came to mind: How careful are we to examine the areas of our life where weeds take root? Sure it is tedious to keep weeding but just as in my flowerbeds, if the weeding is not done, the good stuff gets choked out. And yes, most of the weeding (of both kinds) is done on my knees.

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