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Monday, May 17, 2010

Travel Planning?

Each week, I receive reports from Sitemeter for my blog and my website. It is exciting to see who in the world is visiting and what they are interested in. Lately there have been a lot of visitors interested in our trip to Australia. Next in line would be those who are obviously planning a cruise. I hope that the information I've provided will whet appetites for travel, give a few valuable tips, maybe introduce would-be travelers to places they hadn't thought to visit, and/or cause the dreaming to go on. Use the links in the sidebar to check out your favorite travel spots.

Half of the fun of travel is the dreaming and planning. Be sure as you plan though, you leave time to do the old cliche: Stop and smell the roses. . .or the lilies, or the lilacs, or whatever else is in bloom where you are traveling. I am still amazed at the honey smell of the blooms from a eucalyptus tree on Kangaroo Island.

Meanwhile, if you are finding anything valuable here at my blog, please let me know. It encourages me to continue to post and will help me to know what is important to my readers and what they enjoy reading. But if you prefer to just "lurk," gather information, and go on, that's okay too. Enjoy! And explore your world!!

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