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Monday, May 10, 2010

Seattle--Tugboat Races

When we were in college, it was always said that there were submarine races down on the Olentangy River at midnight. Of course that was always said by the guys to the girls. So when my son started talking about tugboat races in Seattle, I thought perhaps he was kidding. But no. Sure enough we got down to the waterfront and there were the tugs out along the shore steaming along in several scrimmages. And I might add that tugs are not the slow boats I imagined. They raced past at a good clip.

The Seattle Marina Festival had a great crowd and lots of entertainment. For a small donation, we were able to build small wooden sailboats with the grands and of course enjoy the best part, getting feet wet in the small fountain where the kids floated their boats.

Seattle gets a bad rap for weather but this past weekend could not have been any more perfect. Temps in the upper 60s, a cloudless sky, and a cool breeze. We even got some great glimpses of Mount Ranier, snowcapped and majestic in the distance.

The waterfront area is a joy to wander. Lots of shops and restaurants and those ever-necessary ice cream stops popular with our grandkids (and grandpa too).

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