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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ah Italia! - Ocean View

A delayed arrival in Milan due to a delay at JFK in New York started the Italian segment of our latest travel adventure. Thankfully a good tail wind helped make up a little time and no delays at immigration and customs (no custom forms!) got us out to our shuttle bus from Malpensa to Milan’s Central Station with plenty of time to catch the noon train to Lavanto, Italy near the Cinque Terre region along the coast.

We enjoyed sharing a first class compartment with a couple from Virginia and another from Switzerland. Three hours gave us plenty of time to share travel stories and plans, nap, and do some reading. We arrived right on time in Levanto and made our way to our hotel, the Hotel Garden, about a ten minute hike from the rail station trailing suitcases behind. Thank goodness for rollers.

The hotel is actually situated on the second (make that first in Italy) floor of an apartment building. The elevator is only for use by the residents of the apartment but when we rang to be let in, the fellow at the desk came down to help carry the suitcase upstairs for me. We were impressed with the cleanliness of the place but then as he lifted the sunshade that shielded our room from the afternoon rays, we discovered our ocean view left a bit to be desired (see the picture).

There was also a festival of sorts going on in the main piazza that was about 500 feet away from us and we enjoyed exploring the booths that were set up with various foods and crafts. But then about nine o’clock, a band set up almost under our balcony. We were so tired though we fell asleep despite the racket and slept pretty well through the partying that went on until the wee hours.

Things looked a bit better in the morning. We opened the door to the balcony and found that without anyone in the street below, we could hear the surf. And before the lady across the street got her first load of wash hung out, we could actually see ocean.

Ah, Italia!

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