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Monday, July 26, 2010

Books for the Road - Life In Defiance

Finally I found some time to read again and I just had to finish the Defiance Texas Trilogy by Mary DeMuth. The third and final in the series, Life In Defiance, reveals who killed Daisy in the first book. Each of the books is from a different character's perspective and this last one is done through the eyes of Ouisie Pepper, the preacher's wife and mother of Daisy's best friend, Jed.

DeMuth is an intense storyteller and this book is especially deep as she explores the character's personality and emotional makeup. What keeps a woman in the continuous cycle of spousal abuse?

I did chuckle some at DeMuth's introduction of another character who is the author of a Christian marriage book. This author, Shea, twists scripture to fit her philosophy of what she thinks the perfect marriage should be. And all of this expert advice comes from a woman whose husband has left her. It's a good lesson for us authors. Are we writing what we are qualified and led to write or are we just writing what we think we can publish--truth or not?

While you could read this as a stand-alone book, I would strongly suggest reading the other two first. It will enrich your experience with the story.

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