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Friday, December 31, 2010

Books for the Road - Santa Cruise

I was looking for a quick read with a Christmas theme and happened upon Santa Cruise by Carol Higgins Clark. It’s the tale of a rather eccentric wealthy old man who decides to buy an old cruise ship and to launch his new cruise line, he offers a free cruise to a benevolent group of people including ten Santas who have given their time to make kids happy.

The cruise goes awry though when his nephew looks to make a quick buck by hiding two escaped felons and giving them a ride to freedom in the Caribbean. One other character makes for a more complicated plot that involves an antique jewel case holding the Commodore’s mother’s ashes.

The mystery unfolds and the chaos keeps you reading on although there are several spots that a good editor’s eye might have caught. (How could someone talk with a gag in the mouth?) Still, a fun read if you are looking for light entertainment.

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