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Friday, December 03, 2010

Books For The Road - Tell No One

Harlan Coben is still a treat for me to read. Sometimes when you read too much of an author, the books begin to sound alike. While his are similar in thrills, action, supense and intrique, he still manages to come up with a good story line and great characters. Tell No One was mentioned in a recent article I read about him and was the writer's favorite out of all the Coben he had read.

The teaser: David Beck has rebuilt his life since his wife's murder eight years ago, finishing medical school and establishing himself as a pediatrician, but he's never forgotten the woman he fell in love with in second grade. And when a mysterious e-mail arrives on the anniversary of their first kiss, with a message and an image that leads him to wonder whether Elizabeth might still be alive, Beck will stop at nothing to find the truth that's eluded him for so many years. A powerful billionaire is equally determined to make sure his role in her disappearance never comes to light, even if it means destroying an innocent man.

A great read. I highly recommend it.

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