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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meri Kurisumasu

This is a good time to be the owner of a KFC franchise in Japan although its a very busy time. You see the biggest tradtion at this time of year in Japan is to eat fried chicken. As our daughter-in-law reports, the lines go around the block on Christmas Eve as people line up to take home their evening meal.

There are not a lot of Christians in Japan. The main religions are Buddhism and Shinto. But the Japanese have incorporated a lot of the Western culture into their lives and the Christmas season is celebrated but in a different way. It is known as more of a time to celebrate happiness rather than a religious significance.

Christmas Eve is celebrated more than Christmas Day and resembles more our Valentine's Day, a romantic holiday where couples spend time together and exchange gifts.

Cakes are also a popular item this time of year. They are usually a sponge cake, not terribly sweet, and decorated with strawberries and whipped cream but oh, so good!

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