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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dubai, What to Wear?

What did we do before the internet? I have been kept busy searching out answers to my questions about Dubai. Today's quest was to decide what to pack to wear for those few days in the city. All sorts of rumors abound about Middle Eastern dress for women most of which do not apply in Dubai.

While I'm not traveling alone, according to Dubai.com, the United Arab Emirates is very safe for women travelers but it is still a bit unusual in this culture for lone women travelers and they suggest staying in a four or five star hotel to avoid unwanted attention especially if you are going to the beach. Actually, I didn't know there was anything less than 4 or 5 star hotels in Dubai. Certainly the prices of hotels would not indicate that.

Tight or revealing clothing is definitely not appropriate however (aside from those private hotel beaches). And if you should leave the city, you definitely want to be careful that your dress does not offend. The suggestion is for "loose trousers and a long sleeved cotton shirt." Good advice not only to keep from offending but also to keep from burning in the hot sun.

The other tip I read for women has nothing to do with dress but might be a good one to keep in mind for business-minded women. Some devout Muslims prefer not to shake hands with a woman. Wait until one is offered.
As for Bob. . .it's a little less stringent but I'm afraid his favorite vacation attire--shorts--will not be appropriate.

Time to check my vacation wardrobe. What to wear. . .What to wear. . .

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