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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Road Trips - The Mysterious

As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, I've been exploring the Hampton Inn Landmarks website. They have what they call "DriveAbouts." Sounds Australian. They have grouped some of their landmarks into interesting tours you can do in your car.

Each tour is themed. One has to do with baseball diamonds, another with children's literature, another, the land of Lincoln and so on. One that caught my eye was a trip that started out in Felton, CA, and ended up north in Longmire, WA. The DriveAbout is called, "The Weird and The Wonderful--Unsolved Mysteries" and includes such things as the Bigfoot Museum, the site of a Japanese bomb, a lavendar farm with a medicine tree (according to its website it is now closed to the public), Crater Rock Museum (I'm guessing petrified wood qualifies as a mystery), Twede's Diner (site of the Twin Peaks filming), the Troll (sculpture under a bridge in Seattle), the University of Washington stadium where the first fan "wave" was started, and then ending at Longmire, WA, where the first modern-day sighting of a UFO gave rise to the term, "flying saucer."

If you are looking for some fun road trips near you, go to the Hampton Inn Landmark site and check out the DriveAbouts. Or make up your own from their list of landmarks. You can search the site for those within a radius of the city you choose. Pretty cool.

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