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Friday, March 25, 2011

Eating Halal

This will be our first time to fly on Emirates Airlines and we have tried to get a feeling for what the service and food will be like. So far, people either love it or hate it. But as I was pondering whether to purchase food and take on board or to chance it with their menu, I started searching for others' posts and comments about the menu.

Surprisingly, this site popped up with pictures someone had taken of the trays of food in economy class. The breakfasts don't appear too different from the usual fare--fruit cup, omelet, juice, croissant, etc. The sausage is made of veal though because as Frommers website put it, Emirates is known for its Halal food.

Halal food? That sent me searching again. I discovered several sources that explained that Muslims have certain dietary restrictions, one of which is no pork. And their food animals must be slaughtered in a certain way.

The lunch tray described included a curried chicken with a hint of coconut. All in all, this sounds like a trip that will tempt and try the tastebuds.

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