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Friday, March 11, 2011

Shrove Monday - Rosenmontag

Yes, today is Friday. And yes, we've already started into the lenten season but I discovered that there is more celebration going on around the world than just in New Orleans or Rio on the days before Lent begins.

In Germany, parades and parties take place on Shrove Monday or Rosenmontag. While it is not a national holiday many schools and businesses close and there are parades and festivals in the streets of some towns. The theme according to the article I read seems to be a little Saturday-Night-Live-ish. They satirize politicians and make fun of German stereotypes and other public figures.

It's not the day to wear a necktie in Cologne. Apparently one of the customs is to cut off neckties because they are a symbol of authority.

The traditions of the Carnival festivities are possibly traced back more than two thousand years ago to the Roman period when it was a custom for servants and slaves to play the role of the master for one day. Hence the poking fun at politicians and public figures today.

Let's face it. Sometimes it's just good to blow off a little steam--as long as it is in good fun.

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