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Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the Bucket List - Steamboatin' Down the Mississippi

When The Delta Queen Steamboat Co. went bankrupt and the Delta Queen made what we thought was its last trip, we figured we had missed our chance to cruise one of the most fascinating and historic areas of our county in the way so many did in the past. If I read the information correctly, passenger steamboats were making the cruise on the river and some of its tributaries for 192 years. Who hasn't read Mark Twain and been entranced with a steamboat cruise?

Now a new company, The Great American Steamboat Co. has been formed and has contracted to use the American Queen steamboat that was built in the mid 1990s for The Delta Queen Steamboat Co. According to the article I read, they plan to begin steamboating in the spring of 2012. They will use Memphis as their home port. I could not find any details on itineraries or specific dates but I did sign up for their email notices.

At last we can once again add steamboatin' down the Mississippi to our bucket list.

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