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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Rock of Gibraltar

What's on your bucket list? I have some strange items on mine one of which I had hoped to accomplish with this last cruise--see the rock of Gibraltar in the daylight. We have passed it by several times in the middle of the night. Nothing much to see in the dark.

When Commodore Warner of the QM2 announced that we would be going through the straits and passing the rock in the late afternoon, I was ecstatic. But at his daily noon talk, he estimated the passing to be sometime around 5:30-6 p.m. and we had already made plans to eat in the Todd English specialty restaurant that night. We hoped for a window seat and planned to get up to take pictures outside if the window seat didn't happen.

Well, we got our window seat. Not ideal unless you liked watching people smoke. It was too chilly for sunbathing so at least on this trip, we didn't see any enormous and/or hairy displays of flesh as we ate. We no sooner sat down and ordered and the Commodore announced the rock was in view.

We joined the crowd that was vying for position on the back of the ship to photograph the famous landmark. Unfortunately, the sun was lying low in the sky and its rays bounced off the moisture in the air creating a misty/foggy picture.

I snapped a few shots, nodded my head like Chevy Chase in his vacation movies, and went back in to find our appetizers already at our table. Crossed off my list? Nope. I want a GOOD look at the rock. Now the list item has an addendum--find a cruise that stops at Gibraltar.

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