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Monday, May 16, 2011

Taterware and Corn Cups

The plastic cup held some weak lemonade but the drink tasted good and helped to rinse my mouth of the salty taste from having a regulator in my mouth for forty minutes. We were diving in Grand Cayman. The cup felt just a little softer than usual but I didn't think much of it until we were asked politely to reuse our cups through our outing because they were a little more expensive than the old plastic cups. These were made from corn.

Corn? I looked more closely. The cup did not look any different and except for the slightly more flexible feel, it was just like any other clear plastic disposable cup I'd ever had. The difference was in was would happen to it once it was in a landfill or should it accidendentally blow off the boat and into the water. It would not damage the environment like the old cups.

Fast forward a year or two and we are in a Hampton Inn. I notice the plastic plates at breakfast are a little strange. Not the usual shiny smooth plates I've seen in the past. And then this past weekend I noticed that the wrapper on the plastic tableware had a label printed on it. The tableware was call Taterware. Could it be? Were these plates and forks made from potatoes?When we returned home, I plugged in the URL I found on the plastic wrapper and yes, the plastic was made from potatoes.

So now I guess I can eat my potatoes with a potato. Weird.

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