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Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Past Vacations--The French River 3

Our French River adventures in Ontario, Canada, not only gave my mother some good stories to tell but my grandfather as well. There were lots of great fishing spots in the area but some were only accessible by sea plane. At least a couple of times during our annual two week stay, Dad and Grandpa would fly off to a remote lake and fish for the day.

There was only one time I remember them taking my mother who also loved to fish. I think it was the year there was a high school or college student staying with her family in a cabin near ours who offered to babysit my brother and I. I remember that being a great day. She showed us how she could dissect a frog. Wonder how my mom felt about that? But I digress. . .

The sea plane could only accommodate two passengers for some reason so my grandfather offered to be the first in to the lake and the last out. He boasted he wasn't afraid of bears. But as he sat in the boat and fished while he waited his turn, he noticed the head of a bear moving through the water and the bear was headed right for him. He started rowing. The boat apparently didn't have a motor. He rowed his best trying to out maneuver the bear which eventually either gave up or was scared away by the return of the plane.

We always knew when Grandpa was retelling his adventure whether he told it in English or his native Bohemian. His eyes grew bigger and bigger and his hands would gesture more and more. Of course his fish stories were like that too. Hmmmm.

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