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Monday, June 06, 2011

Summer Farmers Markets

It's early in the season here in NE Ohio but the farmers' markets are already beginning. We took advantage of a beautiful Saturday morning and stopped in at Medina's first market on the square for the summer. Even though we ate breakfast before we went, everything looked delicious.

There were a few early crops like lettuce, asparagus, and garlic seed stems. Yup, you read that right. The man selling mushrooms was giving away the seed stems from his garlic bulbs before they could bloom. He said that the bulbs will get bigger if you don't let the top plant bloom. According to him, they are great in a stir fry--kind of an onion/garlic seasoning.

We tasted wonderful Ohio maple syrup. Sampled maccarroons and homemade bread, drooled over strawberry-rhubarb pie and wondered at the good looking treats just for dogs. And then we saw them--the first strawberries of the season. I'm not sure they didn't come from somewhere a bit to the south of us but there was no mistaking that homegrown look. We succumbed.

As a matter of fact we succumbed quite a bit. I came home with a loaf of bread, a quart of strawberries, a bag of spring greens, 16 oz. of maple syrup, and a homemade graduation card for my niece.

As the growing season progresses, we plan to return a few times and indulge in the fresh produce as well as enjoy the arts and crafts that are exhibited.

Why not spend a little time at a farmers market near you? You can search here for one in your area.

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