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Thursday, June 02, 2011

NE Ohio - Holden Arboretum

Someday. I really hate that word. Maybe because someday usually doesn't come. But this week, someday arrived with beautiful sunshine, cooler drier temps, and a fresh breeze. We packed up some Subway sandwiches and drinks and headed for Holden Arboretum, the place that I've always wanted to visit--someday.

The Holden Arboretum which is located near Kirtland, OH, was started in 1931 with a bequest from Albert Fairchild Holden. It was a way to memorialize his daughter Elizabeth who died of scarlet fever in 1908 at the age of twelve. Mr. Holden died at an early age but his surviving daughters and others caught his vision and the arboretum was begun on 100 acres of donated land in Kirtland Township.

The original 100 acres has grown to 3600 with 20 different trails that take you through various types of trees, shrubs, flowering plants and bushes, landscape ideas, ponds, lakes, creeks, wildflowers. . .the list goes on.

We spent the whole morning wandering around several trails and never saw everything. Of course there is always something different to see as the growing seasons progress and different plants come into their bloom. The lilacs were just finishing up and the rhododendrons were in full bloom along with a few azalea varieties as well. Huge colorful bushes were naturalized into a beautiful area that features the rhoddies. My favorite was a two-toned variety of white and deep pink.

The waterscapes were lovely as well although the walk around Corning Lake was by way of an overgrown grassy trail that didn't give a lot of vistas of the lake. We did get to hear a cacophony of bull frogs though.

Most of the plants and trees have identifying plaques near them so if you see something you like, you can jot down the name and look it up in at your local nursery.

Plenty of places afforded the opportunity to sit and enjoy the sounds and sites of nature. We spotted a couple of beautiful black squirrels scurrying through the woods and could hear bird calls but since we are not great bird spotters, we didn't see them. Ah, the sounds of nature, I thought. And then Bob's IPhone pinged with an email message.

Still, someday turned out to be a great day. By lunchtime we were hungry and ready to sit a spell at a picnic table and enjoy our sandwiches and chips. Someday we need to do it again. Maybe in the fall when the leaves are so colorful. Or a little earlier in the spring next year when all the lilacs are in full bloom. Yeah--Someday we will return.

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