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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In My Backyard - What to do? What to do?

We are home for an unusually long stretch of time here in the middle of winter. Thankfully our weather in Northern Ohio has been mild and snowed just enough for our kids from Florida to enjoy and then promptly melted. The wanderlust begins to grow though now that all of the Christmas decorations are stored and the weatherman promises that the warm spell (we consider 40s a warm spell) is about to snap. So, what to do?

Fortunately we live close enough to Cleveland and the University Circle area that we can take advantage of many of the cultural centers. We have a great art museum, a museum of natural history, several theatrical venues, the Cleveland Police Museum (did you know Elliot Ness was a big part of our history?), of course the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and very soon we will have a brand new aquarium. All of that right in my backyard!

Now I know many of you are saying "But there's all those snow activities to do!" I hear you and I will happily watch you have fun in the snow--from a nice comfy chair near the fireplace.

Check back for posts about our Cleveland area sights.
What's in your backyard?

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